LGBT Bullying and Violence

Violence and bullying against members of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community are common not only among pupils in schools but also for people of different ages in their workplaces and everyday life. As a result, workplaces, schools, colleges and universities become dangerous and isolated places for LGBT community.

The hate crime against LGBT community is a significant issue as many members of the community face physical violence; people are killed and beaten. 

Schools should be a safe place for children, giving them knowledge, confidence and teaching them manners. However, LGBT youth faces serious issues in their education and communication with classmates. In fact 9 out of 10 LGBTQ students reported being bullied by their classmates because of their sexual orientation (Stonewall’s The School Report). Members of the community also face issues regardless to their appearance and clothing. 

Transphobic bullying is where people are discriminated against and treated unfairly by other people because their gender identity doesn’t align with the sex they were assigned at birth or perhaps because they do not conform to stereotyped gender roles or ‘norms’(LGBT Foundation).

Teen boys using their cellphones, holding hands

Members of LGBT community who face bullying and violence should take actions to prevent the issue. They should report about the issue to parents, mentors or supportive people around. Sometimes ignoring bullies is much more effective and safe; as if bullied person feels that bullying classmates are aggressive it is better to ignore them as safety is much more important. If person feels unable to speak with parents or other people around it is better to report about the hate crime to police. 

It should never matter what your sexual orientation or identity is!

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