Programs For Youth With Disabilities

Children with different kinds of disabilities such as physical, intellectual, developmental are at risk of being bullied. Any factor like physical vulnerability or intolerant environments can increase the risk of being bullied. Moreover, children with special health needs are also at high risk of being bullied. For instance, bullies can make fun of a child who is allergic to food or expose them to things they are allergic to. In some cases, bullying does not only end with making fun, it can be an issue of life and death. 

It is very important to crate a safe environment for youth with disabilities, and actually there are some programs and plans which help children with disabilities. 

One of them is IEP. It is an Individualized Education Programs which is created for children with disabilities, and provides a special education to children. Each program is designed to solve all the unique problems and needs of each student. IEPs are a part of public education and they are available in public schools. So students who have disabilities are partly insured. IEPs don’t exist in private schools and in collages but there are other programs and plans which do the same thing for children with disabilities. In private schools there are service plans which are also called an Individual Services Plans. In collages the IEP is replaced by college disability services. Also, there is a possibility for children to get IEP services through early intervention before going to school. When a child is over 3, he/she can get an IEP in their nearby local public school.

An other wonderful plan for children with disability is 504 plan. It is a  plan created for a child who attend elementary or secondary school and has a disability. This plan ensure the academic success of a child, and prevent discrimination and protect the rights of kids with disabilities in school. 504 plan is very similar to IEPs but they work in different ways. Nevertheless, they have the same goal which is to help students, especially with disabilities, to be successful in schools, and give kids with disabilities an access to the same education their classmates are getting.

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